Hypnotherapy Course - Frequently Asked Questions
Answered by Grant Boddington, Principal of Hypnosis New Zealand.
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We are proud to be New Zealand's MOST CHOSEN Hypnotherapy Trainer.
Here are the 5 top reasons for our tremendous success:

We produce more practising Hypnotherapists than any other national trainer!

2.   We offer comprehensive lifetime membership, support & mentoring!

3.   Our Code of Ethics is the strongest and most respected in its field!

4.   Our unique Gold Star Proficiency Standards rating for Hypnotherapists!

5.   Our HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists are the highest qualified in NZ!

When you choose to train as a Hypnotherapist with Hypnosis New Zealand, you're joining NZ's largest, most supportive Hypnotherapy group.  The reason for our success is that we are modern and positive in our approach.   Our modern, positive methods are designed to assist the modern Hypnotherapist to more effectively deal with the modern client who wants more self-control over his/her own mind, body and life!

So please read on and if you have any questions, please call me any time of the day, any day of the week, for a chat.  Grant Boddington
Freephone: 0800 TRANCE; Homephone: 06 345 2000 or Mobile: 021 447481.

How many different Hypnotherapy courses does Hypnosis New Zealand offer?
We have three main courses, that can take someone from beginner, through intermediate - and right up to advanced level. They are:
1. Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy - Homestudy (Certificate in Hypnotherapy) Suitable for beginners.
2. Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy - Five Day (Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy) Suitable for beginners or intermediate.
3. Advanced & Analytical Hypnotherapy - Five Day (Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy) Suitable for experienced Hypnotherapists wishing to learn some more advanced techniques.
Plus: All three of these courses are fully and freely supported!
You can email or call me any time for answers to your Hypnotherapy questions, or advice on any client issues.
Email: hypnosis@xtra.co.nz
Phone: 0800 TRANCE
(0800 872623)
Mobile: 021 447481
(texts welcome too)

(And should you wish, you can even have my home/office/clinic address if you're passing by and would like some extra free mentoring or support.)

Which course should I start with?

The best option is definitely the Five Day Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy Course, that is held every year in Auckland.  It will give you a very full and interactive start into Hypnotherapy with plenty of practicing of learned techniques on classmates and volunteer clients. 

However, if the next Five Day Course is too far away and you're keen to get started immediately, then the Homestudy Course will provide you with plenty of information and support.  This training is sufficient to start a Hypnotherapy practice or to simply use for your own interest in Hypnosis.  Then, when you find out how wonderful Hypnotherapy really is and would like to attend a Five Day Course to boost your confidence and hone your skills, the entire cost of the Homestudy Course will be credited against the full fee of the Five Day Course!
Even if you haven't completed the Homestudy Course, you're welcome to enrol in the Five Day Course and the credit still applies!

How much will it cost me?
Please read the latest Dates and Fees page for all the current course prices. Our earlybird, loyalty and bring a friend discounts are very generous.  Once you have purchased any course from Hypnosis New Zealand you are eligible for loyalty discount on subsequent courses. If your 1st course with us is the Diploma or Advanced Diploma course then you are eligible for an earlybird discount if you register and pay 6 weeks or more before course start date.  Please contact Grant to discuss discounts and payment options.

How much time do I have to complete a course?
The standard time is 12 months support and student status for all courses.  But certainly most people can complete in far less time than that.  And once you do complete a course, you are eligible for lifetime support from Grant Boddington. If you do require a time extension, then a further 12 months may be requested and is usually approved.
Will I learn enough to begin to practice as a Hypnotherapist?

Absolutely!  And many others are already doing it.  Either of the two Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy courses can launch you into practice - especially the more intensive and interactive Five Day option.  That's because, concentrating on learning Suggestive Hypnotherapy first, is like learning to walk properly before you try to run!   To see many other past students who are already working as professional Hypnotherapists, please see the Hypnosis New Zealand Directory of NZ Hypnotherapists

Once I start practising as a Hypnotherapist, how much can I expect to earn?
Depending on what area you live in, you'll probably begin by charging around $80.00 per session and move up from that as your experience and reputation grow. The number of sessions per week will depend on your advertising, your all-important reputation and of course your competition. If you practice in a remote country area, then you might charge a little less - and in some city areas, you can charge more. (FYI, I charge $120.00 for a 75 - 90 minute session, which is about average.)

What sort of people study Hypnotherapy with Hypnosis New Zealand?
Well, the common denominator is that they are very definitely all good people, of all ages.  I've had people from their early 20s right through to their 80s - and all experience levels. Many with no prior experience in Hypnotherapy - and many others who are already practicing as natural therapists and are ready to bring the efficacy and credibility of Hypnotherapy into their range of techniques. EG: Life coaches, drug & alcohol counsellors, youth workers, psychologists and medical doctors!  Hypnotherapy can be easily learned and practiced by almost any caring and communicative person.

Where and when is my examination marked, and by whom?
You submit your written examinations by email or standard mail to me (Grant Boddington) at my home in New Zealand!  And as your tutor, I personally assess them.  This is completed and you are contacted for discussion, usually within 48 hours!  On passing your examination(s) your Certificate, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma is sent to you at once!  So generally, the entire process from submission of your examination, through to receipt of your qualification, takes less than a week!

When should I move on to the Advanced Course?
The choice is totally yours, but I suggest you find your feet with the basics of Suggestive Hypnotherapy first. You will certainly have been taught enough to begin practicing competently as a Hypnotherapist.   And then, when you are comfortable and competant, I suggest you attend the Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy training course - where you will learn about the very specialised techniques of Age Regression and Parts Therapy; as well as many more child and adult issues and areas where you can practice as a professional Hypnotherapist.

Why do you believe Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapy courses are the best in New Zealand?
I personally front all of my courses and deliver the very best of focused Hypnotherapy training and information and the ultimate in positive communications and support!  But of course, the most qualified people to answer this question are my many previous students.  They will vouch for the fact that I always deliver over and above what I promise!  (Please read their testimonials)   I expect that you'll become a friend and colleague for life and I'm pleased to be your permanent mentor in Hypnotherapy.  You're welcome to email, call, text, or even visit me; pretty much any time!  I can always find the time for a chat about Hypnotherapy!

Other trainers are advertising courses that seem longer than yours. How do you explain this?
Well firstly, the others may not actually be longer Hypnotherapy courses, but rather made up from a number of other modalities all lumped together under the "Hypnotherapy" title.  Also, they might include a huge component of researching and writing assignments to fill the weeks and months. 

Our Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapy courses provide a credible and very achievable qualification.  They feature a fresh and modern approach to learning the different basic, intermediate and advanced techniques of Hypnotherapy; at a pace that is natural to each individual.  Our full course structure is split into 3 separate stages (Homestudy Certificate, 5 Day Diploma & 5 Day Advanced Diploma) that you can complete individually over virtually whatever time-frame you choose. 

What does Hypnosis New Zealand membership offer?
We have a totally unique membership structure.  Most importantly, Hypnosis New Zealand membership is free to all who have earned a Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate, Diploma, or Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy.  We are the largest and most progressive group of Hypnotherapists in New Zealand - and provide what is probably the most comprehensive collection of networking, support and information available. Here is a list of some of the advantages:
Personal Mentoring  - from Grant Boddington.
Peer Support Network - from other members/students.
HYPNOTES Newsletter - the most regular Hypnosis newsletter in NZ.
Lending Library - a range of Hypnotherapy books to borrow for just the cost of return courier.
Directory of NZ Hypnotherapists - Free listing available for all practicing members.
Hypnotherapy Brochures - Professional promotional advertising leaflets at a very reasonable rate.
Check out all the membership advantages here.

What are the regulations for practicing Hypnotherapy in NZ?
There are none! (Well, none that are specific to Hypnotherapy anyway.)  Providing you are practicing ethically and safely and in accordance with the Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics - and you are meeting all local and national requirements for your premises and general business practices (such as OSH, IRD, HDC, etc.) then you can legally and safely practice as a Hypnotherapist in NZ at any level of training!

Should I join one of the other NZ Hypnotherapy Groups?
The choice is totally yours. However,
most of them seem to be in rapid decline; while our support and membership is steadily growing.  We can confidently provide all your membership needs with a most comprehensive Students & Members structure.

We are proud to offer a superior support and mentoring system - as well as NZ's highest and most prestigious qualifications. We have a Members Library; a
Peer Support Network; Advertising Brochures; the most regular Hypnosis Newsletter (HYPNOTES); Free Advertising on our Directory of NZ Hypnotherapists; our own Registration System (Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists); HNZ Professional Development Meetings...... and the list goes on and on and on!  So in summary; While you are totally free to join any other group, why would you want or need to when our membership is so very comprehensive as well as being mostly TOTALLY FREE!

Want to know more?
Call Grant on 0800 TRANCE
Please also read the testimonials from previous students

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When you complete any Hypnosis New Zealand course, you become a member for life! (At no extra or annual cost for that membership!)
Your lifetime membership entitles you to:

  • The very best Hypnotherapy support and mentoring in New Zealand
  • Free advertising of your Hypnotherapy business in the HNZ Directory
  • Free monthly HYPNOTES newsletter
  • Access to the members library of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy books
  • Reasonably priced Professional Hypnotherapy promotional brochures
  • Read more about free HNZ membership here
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 About HNZ Principal, Grant Boddington

GrantGrant Boddington is one of NZ's most experienced and highly regarded professional Hypnotherapists. His interest and involvement in Hypnosis began around 1990 and progressed rapidly into therapy, motivational speaking and ultimately fronting what has become NZ's most popular Hypnotherapy training courses.  Grant has personally trained all of his Hypnosis New Zealand members to a standard that reflects his own commitment to client-focused Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy.

As well as being a long-time active member of many NZ Hypnotherapy groups, Grant is also a member of these extremely prestigious International Hypnotherapy Groups:
  • Member and Recognized School of the International Hypnosis Federation
  • Australasian Board Representative of the International Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
Grant is a prolific writer of Hypnosis information via the monthly HYPNOTES newsletter. He has created many Hypnotherapy recordings - and also authored several books about Hypnosis; the most successful being "Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals", which has become essential reading for all progressive Hypnotherapists.

Grant also delivers one of NZ's most popular corporate training presentations: Mind Mechanics®. This presentation has been experienced by many of our top companies and businesspeople. 

Passing on his immense Hypnosis knowledge and experiences to others, is something Grant is very passionate about. He always welcomes communications on the subject and prides himself on speedy and comprehensive responses to all inquiries.

When you train with Grant, you can be certain of learning from a highly respected, trusted and ethical professional. Over many years as a professional Hypnotherapist, Grant Boddington has trained, assisted and inspired literally thousands of others from all around the world - many of them right here in New Zealand.