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Become a
Hypnosis New Zealand
Certified Hypnotherapist

Your Qualification will
                            be the Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate in

Study at home ... in your own time ... in just a few weeks
with up to 12 Months Personal Support from your Tutor:
HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
Grant Boddington
This is NZ's ONLY Supported, Examined
& Certified Home Study Hypnotherapy Course


Home Study Hypnotherapy Training Course

"This is a fantastic course for newcomers to Hypnotherapy"

Now available as either a downloadable or a printed manual!

Downloadable Option
  • PDF Hypnotherapy Course Manual
  • MP3 Recording: "Be The Person You Want To Be"

Printed Option
  • Printed Hypnotherapy Course Manual
  • CD Recording: "Be The Person You Want To Be"
  • Hypnosis New Zealand Pen
  • ... all in a Handy Zippy Bag

Home Study
                                            Hypnotherapy Course Manual
                                            PackOn completion of the course, all students receive:
  • The HNZ Certificate in Hypnotherapy
  • Lifetime Free Membership of Hypnosis New Zealand
  • Free listing in the Directory of HNZ Hypnotherapists
  • Free Membership of the HNZ Peer Support Group
  • Free HNZ HYPNOTES Newsletter
  • Discounts on our Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses
  • ... and many other tangible professional benefits from belonging to NZ's largest group of Professional Hypnotherapists

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                                  Certificate in Hypnotherapy Course

06 3452000 or 021 447481Call Grant Boddington 8:00am - 8:00pm, 7 days - on 0800 TRANCE, 06 3452000 or 021 447481

Home Study
                                              Hypnotherapy CourseThis is a Supported Home Study Hypnotherapy Course!
Your Personal Tutor is Grant Boddington, HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Using the Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy course manual (available in either a printed or downloadable format) you study at home in your own time and practice the techniques on your friends and family while you learn. If you feel you would benefit from personal support or assistance at any time, Grant is usually just an email, text message, or phone call away - offering the absolute best of support and assistance, whenever you might require it.

Grant Boddington's wonderfully friendly support has become almost legendary in the Hypnotherapy profession - and while it may only take a few weeks to complete this course, he offers his free personal support for up to 12 months while you learn - and then lifetime free personal mentoring as a fellow Hypnotherapist once you have qualified!

Your Qualification will be
                                      the Hypnosis New Zealand
                                      Certificate in Hypnotherapy Qualification: The Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate in Hypnotherapy!

There are two simple, open book examinations for you to complete during this course.  Grant will call you (within just a day or two of receiving each from you) to discuss your progress and offer the benefit of his 25 years in the profession, to assist you with fine-tuning of your new Hypnotherapy skills. 

The 1st examination is short and simple; covering the absolute basics of Hypnotherapy and becoming a Hypnotherapist.  Within a day or two of receiving it from you, Grant values the opportunity to contact you for a chat, offering you lots of useful tips and encouragement on your progress.
Hypnosis New
                                  Zealand is an International Hypnosis
                                  Federation Recognised School

On acceptance of your 2nd examination, you will qualify as a Hypnotherapist and receive the Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate in Hypnotherapy (HNZCH). This certification will provide you with free membership of Hypnosis New Zealand and enable you to legally practice as a Hypnotherapist in New Zealand and many other countries. HNZ Is recognised as a a Hypnotherapy Training School by the International Hypnosis Federation.

 About Grant Boddington, HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

                                Boddington Registered Clinical
                                HypnotherapistYour Personal Tutor is Grant Boddington HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (#140)

Grant Boddington is the Principal of Hypnosis New Zealand and is one of NZ's most experienced and highly regarded professional Hypnotherapists. His interest and involvement in Hypnosis began around 1990 and progressed rapidly into therapy, motivational speaking and ultimately fronting NZ's most popular Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapy training courses.  Grant is passionate about training all his students to a standard that reflects his own commitment to client-focused Hypnotherapy.

Grant has been a prolific writer of Hypnosis information via the monthly HNZ HYPNOTES newsletter. He has created many Hypnotherapy recordings - and also authored several books about Hypnosis; the most successful being "Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals", which has become essential reading for all professional Hypnotherapists.

Grant is also a Motivational Speaker, delivering one of NZ's most popular corporate training presentations:  Mind Mechanics® which deals with Positive Communication Skills - and is based on ther Power of Suggestion.  This presentation has been experienced by many of our top NZ companies and businesspeople. 

Passing on his immense Hypnosis knowledge and experiences to others, is something Grant is very passionate about. He always welcomes positive communications on the subject and prides himself on speedy and comprehensive responses to all inquiries.

When you train with Grant, you can be certain of learning from a highly respected, trusted and ethical professional. Over many years as a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Grant Boddington has trained, assisted and inspired literally thousands of others from all around the world - many of them right here in New Zealand.    

Contact Grant Boddington
06 3452000 or 021 447481Call Grant Boddington 8:00am - 8:00pm - 7 days - and he'll offer you a generous discount* on this course!

Grant Boddington 134 Heads Road 
Wanganui 4501 
New Zealand
Free Call: 0800 TRANCE (0800 872623)
Telephone: 06 345 2000
Mobile: 021 447 481

Email: grant@grantboddington.com

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