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Grant Boddington - HNZ Principal
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» Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
» Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

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GrantGrant Boddington
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LEVEL II Hypnotherapy Training Course
(Includes all Stage I Content)
Diploma in Clinical
                                                          Course Manual
This is a fantastic course for:

  • Newcomers to Hypnotherapy
  • Intermediate Hypnotherapists
  • Also great as a Refresher course
Our next annual
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course is March 12th - 16th, 2018

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New Zealand's best value and most popular Clinical Hypnotherapy course
from New Zealand's Leading Hypnotherapy Trainer.

The Best Start in Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis new Zealand
                                              Diploma in Clinical
                                              Hypnotherapy>>>   Whether you're new to Hypnotherapy ...
or you'd like to refresh & extend skills learned in the past,
interactive and practical course can to launch you into a wonderful career as a professional Hypnotherapist

Every one of the five Hypnotherapy training days in Auckland is an exciting combination of theory and lots of practical experience, designed to help you become an effective Hypnotherapist. Plus it's also a great experience if you simply want another effective life-skill for your own personal development.

This course is focused purely on Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy.  There is a huge number of informational and supportive handouts and unique tools to accompany the course manual.  You will learn and practice most of what you need to qualify as a professional Hypnotherapist during the actual class time! 

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Diploma in
                                                  Clinical Hypnotherapy
                                                  Course Manual ManualContent that is Focused on Hypnotherapy
This Hypnotherapy course is a very well balanced blend of theory, practice, discussion and interactivity - and you will be experiencing hypnosis on the very 1st day of the course.  You will learn the the skills required to begin a practice as a competent Hypnotherapist and to operate a successful Hypnotherapy business - or add Hypnotherapy to your existing list of life skills.

Hypnotherapy has become one of the most respected of all natural therapies - because it's safe and it works!  Medical professionals have become more comfortable in referring their patients to reputable Hypnotherapists, which is further testament to its credibility as a complementary technique. 

Recognising this, all Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapy courses are focused on teaching only Hypnotherapy!  It makes perfect  sense to learn from a dedicated and focused master who has been a part of the New Zealand Hypnosis profession for over 20 years!

Some of the course content:
  • Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy theory and practice
  • Trance inductions, deepeners, interventions & awakenings
  • Visualisations, affirmations & suggestions
  • Writing effective intervention scripts 
  • Rapport building, interviewing & communication skills
  • Conducting effective Hypnotherapy sessions
  • Setting up and operating a successful Hypnotherapy Clinic
  • The business side of Hypnotherapy
  • Professional ethics and legal responsibilities
  • Experience with volunteer clients with real issues
  • Common client issues: habits, phobias, children, weight, smoking, etc.
  • View the full course contents

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Work With Real Volunteer Clients with Real Issues 
The ultimate advantage that this Hypnotherapy course offers over any other course, is surely the afternoon of working with REAL clients - with REAL issues - in a clinical situation!  Grant arranges several volunteer clients (via his Directory of NZ Hypnotherapists) for the students of each Auckland Hypnotherapy Training Course to practice their new skills with (under his supervision).  Previous students have applauded this initiative as the confidence-boosting climax of the course.  It really cements their ability to begin a professional Hypnotherapy practice.

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
On completion of this practical Clinical Hypnotherapy course and the associated post-course open book examination, you will receive the Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (HNZDCH) and automatically become a Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand.  This course is rather unique, as there is very little requirement for extra study and research, because its classroom content covers all the information required to pass the examination! Also, you have the peace of mind in knowing that Grant is your tutor and Grant personally assesses your examination here in New Zealand!  In most cases you are contacted to discuss your examination within 48 hours of Grant receiving it!  Also, Hypnosis New Zealand is unique in that we do not require you to create a video of a full Hypnotherapy session - because we have already seen you working, during the course time!

Your examination is usually marked within 48 hours of receipt and then Grant calls you by telephone to discuss your results and offer helpful tips and fine-tuning suggestions for your therapy processes.  This rapid personalised support is yet another of the myriad of Hypnosis New Zealand trend-setting support, mentoring and promotional services that Grant offers ... as part of the automatic complimentary Lifetime Membership! (See the long list of HNZ member benefits on the Membership Information page.)

This Hypnotherapy Course is Suitable for:
Anyone with an interest in Hypnotherapy for helping others, or themselves. It's ideal for beginners through to intermediate level.  It's also a great refresher course for those who studied Hypnotherapy some time ago and now want to begin a practice.  This course is very suitable for other natural therapists, life coaches, counsellors, etc., wishing to add the trusted modality of Hypnotherapy to their skill set.

The Fastest & Friendliest Communications
When you read the many recent testimonials, you'll see that time and time again that students were extremely impressed with the speed and clarity in which Grant personally addressed any of their questions about Hypnotherapy - sharing whatever knowledge was relevant to helping them to become a fine Hypnotherapist. Grant is a Hypnotherapy trainer who wants you to succeed!

Lifetime Mentoring
Every student is encouraged to contact Grant personally whenever they require any support or assistance as they begin practicing Hypnotherapy, or at any time during their career.  Grant is so much more than a mentor to his past students.  Most of them have become firm friends for life.  There is also a Peer Support Group that is available for all students and members.

The Best Value Clinical Hypnotherapy Course in New Zealand

As with all other Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapy training courses, we offer generous early-bird, loyalty & group  discounts; along with a range of payment options.  So if you're looking for the best professional Hypnotherapy course, for the best price, then this Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course has it all!

PLEASE READ: Dozens of Recent Testimonials
Trust their word that this is a great course!

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When you complete any Hypnosis New Zealand course, you become a member for life! (At no extra or annual cost for that membership!)
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 About HNZ Principal, Grant Boddington

GrantGrant Boddington is one of NZ's most experienced and highly regarded professional Hypnotherapists. His interest and involvement in Hypnosis began around 1990 and progressed rapidly into therapy, motivational speaking and ultimately fronting what has become NZ's most popular Hypnotherapy training courses.  Grant has personally trained all of his Hypnosis New Zealand members to a standard that reflects his own commitment to client-focused Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy.

As well as being a long-time active member of many NZ Hypnotherapy groups, Grant is also a member of these extremely prestigious International Hypnotherapy Groups:
  • Member and Recognized School of the International Hypnosis Federation
  • Australasian Board Representative of the International Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
Grant is a prolific writer of Hypnosis information via the monthly HYPNOTES newsletter. He has created many Hypnotherapy recordings - and also authored several books about Hypnosis; the most successful being "Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals", which has become essential reading for all progressive Hypnotherapists.

Grant also delivers one of NZ's most popular corporate training presentations: Mind Mechanics®. This presentation has been experienced by many of our top companies and businesspeople. 

Passing on his immense Hypnosis knowledge and experiences to others, is something Grant is very passionate about. He always welcomes communications on the subject and prides himself on speedy and comprehensive responses to all inquiries.

When you train with Grant, you can be certain of learning from a highly respected, trusted and ethical professional. Over many years as a professional Hypnotherapist, Grant Boddington has trained, assisted and inspired literally thousands of others from all around the world - many of them right here in New Zealand.