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About Your Tutor: Grant Boddington HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

Grant Boddington
                            Registered Clinical HypnotherapistYour Personal Tutor is Grant Boddington; HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (#140)

Grant is 100% New Zealand!  He was born here and has lived his entire life here! He is the Founder of both Hypnosis New Zealand (which he sold in 2018) as well as Hypnotherapy New Zealand.  Grant is probably NZ's most widely experienced and highly regarded professional in the field of Hypnosis.  His interest and involvement in Hypnosis began in the 1980s, working with a top international Stage Hypnotist. After becoming one of NZ's most popular stage Hypnotists himself, he progressed rapidly into Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Motivational Speaking and ultimately into providing NZ's most popular Hypnotherapy training courses.  Grant is passionate about training all his students to a standard that reflects his own commitment to client-focused Hypnotherapy.

Over the years, Grant has created many Hypnotherapy recordings - and also authored several books about Hypnosis; the most successful being "Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals", which features ground-breaking techniques for 21st century Hypnotherapists and has since become essential reading for all professional Hypnotherapists. (A free digital copy of this book is included with his Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy course.)

As a Motivational Speaker, Grant delivered one of NZ's most popular corporate training presentations:  Mind Mechanics which deals with Positive Communication Skills, based on ther Power of Suggestion.  This presentation has been experienced by many of our top NZ companies and businesspeople.

In an active semi-retirement, Grant's favourite projects include freely supporting many of his past and present students and tending this website. This long-established site is an essential guide for Hypnotherapy clients, Hypnotherapy students and Hypnotherapists. It contains plenty of useful Hypnotherapy information and resources. The 3 most popular topics are: Grant's 10 Tips for Choosing a Hypnotherapy Course and the HNZ Directory of NZ Hypnotherapists.

Passing on his immense Hypnosis knowledge and experiences to others, is something Grant is very passionate about. He always welcomes positive communications on the subject and prides himself on speedy and comprehensive responses to questions & inquiries.

When you train with Grant, you can be certain of learning from a highly respected, trusted and ethical professional. Over 30 years as a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, Grant Boddington has trained, assisted and inspired literally thousands of others from all around the world - many of them right here in New Zealand. 

Grant has an abundance of time, knowledge and experience to passionately assist you into this great profession. 

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Grant Boddington
Grant Boddington
HNZ Registered
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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