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Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course Testimonials, Reviews & Comments

The following comments, testimonials & reviews are of Grant Boddington's Hypnotherapy courses. They reflect individual experiences which may vary from person to person.  Many of the authors have attended more than one course and most are now practicing Hypnotherapists.

In 2018, Grant semi-retired and sold his Diploma & Advanced Diploma classroom courses and concentrated on just his Home Study Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy course. This has been enhanced and added to - and now contains much more extra content to help his students become better hypnotherapists for less financial outlay.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course.  The material provided was easy to understand and thorough.  Throughout the course Grant was very supportive. It is always enjoyable learning from someone who has great passion for what they do.  I would highly recommend the course.
Michelle 2023

I would like to thank Grant for offering this home study course in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Iíve completed several home study courses over the years (relating to health,nutrition & mind/body healing) and found this to be one of the best composed and easy to follow courses. Grant manages to convey his years of experience into tips and helpful information, while giving all the teachings required to achieve a certification in Suggestive Hypnotherapy. Having just passed the Certificate Course, I canít wait to get started on the Advance Courses Grant offers.     
Barry 2022

Grant's course helped me identify all the negative self talk I was doing on a subconscious level. His concept of using double negatives was life altering. Such a simple change but an immense impact. I have changed the way I practise my affirmations and how I explain them to my clients, I feel my coaching as well as mindfulness practice has been positively transformed due to Grant's course.  Grant was extremely helpful and very patient throughout the course. He answered all my questions however small. I have the knowledge and courage to practise Hypnotherapy due to studying his course. The fact that I could study this course at my own pace in my own home was an extra bonus. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking of starting their Hypnotherapy practice to start here. It's been a pleasure learning from you Grant, thank you ever so much!
Neha 2022

Grant Boddington School of Hypnotherapy Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy course was wonderful. It is concise and covers all the need to know things. In an easy to read and understand, informative way. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and learnt a lot along the way. Grant is wonderful in that he is there to support you in any way along your journey. Quick to respond. Thank you so very much Grant. I Highly recommend this course for those thinking about it but perhaps not quite sure if its for you. You will gain not only information that can help others but help yourself also.
Jenna 2021

Grant is a very professional teacher, he makes hypnotherapy training fun and his training is clear and easy to follow. He has created an  informative and clear way to teach and it so refreshing to learn along with him. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM if you are thinking of taking this course, you will be rewarded with a great framework in which to follow.
Andrea 2021

Hello Grant, I am incredibly happy to have concluded your course. It is an important link between New Zealand and Brazil. I studied hard because the language is exceedingly difficult for me, but I got it. Thanks for your support and kind. I strongly recommend your course.
Sandra 2020

Grant is a NZ God-Father of Hypnotherapy, his course was truely enjoyable.
Marzie 2020

I discovered this course while searching online and as its difficult to attend the in person trainings where I am, it fit the bill.  I can say that the course material is well put together, easy to follow and full of great information.  Grant is always there if you need assistance, but there isnít any pressure with timeframes or deadlines which enables you to achieve in your own time.  Thanks for your help and guidance!
Jo 2020

The course and hypnotherapy aside, knowing Grant in person inspires me to be the best version of my self. He is very positive, professional, motivating and kind. I am most certain that he has put a lot of his personality in his work to produce one of the best courses in the field. If you are keen enough, Grantsí course is enough for you to start hypnotherapy right away.
Amel 2020

Grant's course is well-structured, and follows a logical flow.  It naturally assists my progress as a beginner, that I didn't feel any difficulties throughout the course.  The language Grant used in the course is practical and clear, which makes it easy for a learner whose native language is not English, like me.  Upon completing the course, Grant keeps regular update and contact by organizing Zoom meetings, etc., to keep learners informed of the latest development in the area.  Highly recommended.
Lu 2020

I really enjoyed doing the Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy - the material was very easy to follow and understand and gave me the tools I needed to start practising as a Hypnotherapist. Grant was wonderful with communication and is always available for chats or emails if required. I believe this course is wonderful for anyone wanting to take the leap into Hypnotherapy or to just learn some new skills and understand more about the mind to use personally.
Kristine 2020

I find the course by Grant very informative and easy to understand.  Grant is also very helpful and supportive, always respond very fast and gave good advices and suggestions.  Would definitely recommend this course for those who wants to learn hypnotherapy.
Arica 2020

The course is practical, intense and well structured and gives full efficient tools to build up your own Hypnotherapy practice with confidence and professionalism. I enjoyed it very much and recommend it.
Alessandra 2018

Grant is a fantastic, very humble and patient teacher.  This was my fist real introduction into Hypnotherapy and I feel; very lucky to have Grant as my introductory instructor.  If I'm not on the next course, wishing you the best of luck. Many, many thanks.
Amanda 2018

This course has been not only enjoyable, but extremely informative and motivational. I feel that it has enabled me to confidently begin my career as a Hypnotherapist.
Janet 2018

Fantastic and positive and supportive person; suits being an instructive/teaching/coaching position like our classes. Thanks for having me.
Anna 2018

I loved the course. You were a wonderful facilitator. You kept us engaged. I learned a lot and am so pleased I attended.  I now have 9 new friends including you.
Teagan 2018

The course was fantastically delivered and so upbeat and positive. Also very informational and I feel ready to begin my journey as a Hypnotherapist.  Thank you very much Grant and I look forward to seeing you on the advanced course.
Steve 2018

Grant's approach to teaching was refreshingly practical. I am leaving a confident, empowered Hypnotherapist.  It exceeded my expectations, so thank you.
Desiree 2018

As always with your contributions, exceeded expectations. Upbeat and enthusiastic.  (Texts and handouts: Excellent and very generous. Thank you for all your generous help. The course was very well structured and hugely informational and has given me the courage to try new things. THANK YOU. :)
Chris 2017

My expectations were met and exceeded. A huge info dump but in a manageable format and style.  Excellent hearing stuff broken up with enough humour and theory to be easy to absorb. (Compared to other courses) hugely informational, informal and interesting.
Daniel 2017

I expected to learn different techniques - and that was fulfilled! :)  The presentation style was inspirational, once again.  It was as good as the Diploma course.
Judith 2017

The course let me recharge my energy. Thanks Grant for the magic course. You're the best teacher in my life.
Jane 2017

A great course!!  Presentation excellent.  Well written course and easy to understand.  Handouts are clear and easy to go through.  I have loved all of your courses. 
[Note from Grant: Justine has now completed all 3 of our Hypnotherapy courses.]
Justine 2017

Great manner, easy-going. Made it easy to learn - above and beyond expectations. Very good course texts, handouts, etc. In comparison to other courses it was great, practical - vs watching videos.
Glenn 2017

Fantastic! Loved every minute!
Cath 2017

Very vibrant style. Humourous, clever, very experienced human approach to everything. Understanding, patient, great observer.
Bron 2017

Special week - personal attention and involvement high level. An extraordinary investment, brilliantly evolved and presented. Humour and stories carried huge strength with connection. Excellent programme Grant. with grateful thanks ...
Haddo 2017

Great fun, informative and a real eye-opener. Execellent (value for money)  For the cost, the potential is huge. Excellent (course content)  Great info, easily understood. Grant is a great tutor, an inspiring individual and makes a situation which for some may be intimidating at first into something very enjoyable.
Dave 2017

We (my partner Dave and I) had an absolutely amazing week doing the Hypnotherapy Course with Grant Boddington. It was much more then I expected, we learnt so much and are truly excited and inspired by the possibilities. Thanks heaps Grant, I/we really appreciate it.
Justine 2017

Just finished an amazing Hypnotherapy course with Grant . Learnt so much and Grant's teaching style made it easy to grasp. Met some like minded people who added to the great experience. Thank you Grant
Lisa 2017

It was amazing how from Day 1 we had the scripts but by not being "allowerd' to use them, itallowed us to learn rapidly. Fantastic information to back up the practical. Overall, the course and delivery was fantastic.
Richard 2017

Grant's approach and teaching methods are exceptional.  The course is comprehensive, practical, with lots of practice opportunities and masses of support. Grant's style is honest, trustworthy, educated - and he uses his experiences in the profession to give real life tips.  I have been on other Hypnotherapy courses and Grant's is hands down the best!  It's professional and extensive training.
Jo 2016

Absolutely met expectations. (And they were high too!)  The breakouts are invaluable and I find your personal experiences interesting/helpful too. Spot on. Enough detail without being overwhelming (course texts).  Terrific energy, very safe space/energy.
Avril Carpenter 2016

Grant's personality is very positive and easy to learn from.  All demos help to reinforce the teachings. Excellent well researched and compliled (handouts).  Very generous with CDs charts and book.
Helen 2016

It exceeded my expectations.  Very dynamic and positive. Lots of goods work.  This course is right up there ... great.
Richard Hark 2016

Informative, supportive and enjoyable.  This course (Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy) makes learning fun!  This course exceeds others in its usefulness of content and its inclusiveness and supportiveness.
Jan White 2016

Grant, you gave us 110%! Leaving this course (Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy) confident, calm and motivated.  Thank you for giving us all ther tools and support for Hypnotherapy and life.
Shirley Henderson 2016

Grant's presentation style is engaging and entertaining with a high level of enthusiasm.  It is truly a "never a dull moment" type of course.
i am dean 2016

This course (Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy) has given me the confidence to get stuck in on a few areas I has uncertainly about.  Grant's seemingly limitless energy and enthusiasm is both inspiring and infectious. I'm chomping at the bit to get out and help transform people's lives.
Robert Leamy 2016

More than met my expectations. Superb whiteboard and video clips, practical. Great handouts for reference. So pleased to have attended this course. (Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy)  It has been like a top-up with so many new and different tools. Excited to leave and get going with my new information.
Caroline Hampshire 2016

I have attended many course over the year in a variety of modalities; but without a doubt this was the most professional in the quality of the presentation and the course material supplied.
Rod Trott 2015

Grant is a great teacher who is passionate about Hypnotherapy. The course was good value, very informative and resulted in me feeling confident about practicing Hypnotherapy! Thank you. :)
Emma Mallock 2015

Great value, great delivery, just great. Grant's style is brilliant. Course texts are very very good and clear to understand.
Gil Sant 2015

Grant is a very enthusiastic trainer and it is clear that he loves Hypnosis and helping people.
Andrew Bryson 2015

Grant is a very genuine caring person, mentor & teacher. Attending one or all of his courses is a pleasure, not only for the the invaluable information, but his fabulous sense of humour. I truly feel I started as a student and am leaving as a friend. Thank you for everything Grant.
Davina Morris 2015

Grant is passionate and very knowledgeable. He has a great gift of breaking down complex processes in Hypnotherapy, such as Age Regression, that allows us to practice and learn and find confidence in putting it together.
Ravi Lulla 2015

Grant has an easy, flowing and friendly style which immediately puts his students at ease. I enjoyed every part of the course and Grant really helped to build my confidence as we trained in the techniques required of a professional Hypnotherapist.  I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone with an interest in becoming qualified as a Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapist.
Cath Lupton 2015

Grant you are a brilliant tutor and the professionalism of the course structure and all content was A+.
Peter Ratcliffe 2015

Grant presents an extremely enjoyable and informative course. I learned much more than I could imagine in a relatively short period of time.
Damian Taylor 2015

The Hypnosis New Zealand course was everything I expected and more - and it's given me the tools and confidence to get started in my Hypnotherapy Clinic business. Thanks again for a great week, very professional with helpful/well structured course notes.  I'm excited about starting to work with clients and may even throw myself in at the deep end with your advanced course coming up soon!
Nick Carter 2015

Thanks you so much Grant for everything! The week was amazing and didn't want it to end. Have made some new friends/connections that will last a lifetime. Loved your sense of humour, very witty.
Michelle Silver 2015

Fun, interactive, supportive, welcoming and lots of laughs. Also I felt I could ask anything.
Dean Viall 2014

Awesome course. I would highly recommend that everyone interested in self improvement and helping others should attend.
Annette Giles 2014

Thanks Grant, we all had a fantastic week, full of information and action. Your easy-going attitude made it easy. Your enthusiasm was infectious and kept us focused. Thank you very much.
Louis van Zyl 2014

I came to this course uncertain I would be capable of becoming professional enough in 5 days. I now feel confident and ready with excitement and energy to go into practice as a trained NZ Hypnotherapist. Looking forward to completing the Advanced Diploma.
Marie Beddard 2014

This is the best motivational/positive course I have ever been to.  Grant challenges your beliefs with humour so you have the ability to change and he also believes in you 100%. Everything was a building block. Grant is a highly motivated, positive kind caring man and I felt safe and comfortable. I am feeling wonderful about being smokefree progressively becoming more confident and healthier on a daily basis. My expectation of this course has been far exceeded.
Sally-Jane Kirk 2014  [
Note from Grant: As you probably read, Sally decided to become smokefree while on the course and did it easily!]

I was impressed by the home course I had already completed, but the 5 day course gave it a whole new dimension and really made the theory make sense.
John Clark 2013

Excellent course, content and tutor.  Grant is approachable and super positive.  Great learning and support.
Brent Frethey 2013

If you want to practice Hypnotherapy, this is the course to do. If you want to know exactly "how to" and be taught by the "best of", you will be in good hands.  Hands that will lead you, guide you and take care of you. Grant Boddington has all the knowledge.  You can trust him to impart everything necessary to launch you from your dream to reality.
Carol Taylor 2013

This is my second course with Grant and it was as brilliant and powerful as the first one.  Grant is a great motivator, trainer and comedian!  I highly recommend Grant and his courses to anyone who is interested in Hypnotherapy and self-improvement.  I leave today feeling as though I can achieve everything I want to do! Thank you Grant, my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for your kindness and support you have extended to me. Kind regards
Sandy Loughran 2013

Very powerful experience! Quick, fast and strong! Grant's ability to maintain enthusiasm, excitement and intense knowledge was inspiring; and I am confident that I can be the best I can be as an Hypnotherapist. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!
Johanne Chapman 2013

It covered all my expectations. Very interactive. I absolutely loved the course. Grant you are very approachable and easy to listen to. I know this is a wonderful beginning for anything I wish to do. Thank you.
Tania Abraham 2013

It's exceptional value. A thoroughly enjoyable course and a pleasure meeting and working with you Grant.
John King 2013

Bursting with energy and fun. A great way to learn.  Great teaching. Logical simple steps to understand.  A fun, interesting presentation and presenter. Thank you Grant. I have been on quite a few courses and this was the most fun and full-on one so far. You have created a hunger for more knowledge in this area and I shall return!! Beware and thanks. :)
Glenda Wellwood 2013

I felt excited every day about what we were going to do. Compared to other courses offered VG value.... vibrant no nonsense yet lots of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. There was never a dull moment and I looked forward with excitement to coming each day. Looking forward to now putting it into practice. Great course Grant - thanks.
Karen Eade 2013

Well run, extremely informative, good humour... Best course on Hypnosis I have been to .... laidback, casual and informative.  Grant put me in a deep "sleep" and filled my mind with an awesome range of possibility.
Peter (Pedro) Borthwick 2013

Brilliant. Fun.  Great info. Grant's ability is great in the way he presents it.
Trevor Heale 2013

Excellent. Would recommend highly for the professionalism also the caring nature of walking with all levels of students.... Excellent value for money.... All the extras: handouts, information and guest speaker also excellent.... Not only an easy to read and easy to understand manual.... Love all the extra information given during the week.....  Presented in a professional but down to earth manner which was inclusive of everyone and non-intimidating.... Loved all the extra handouts....definitely makes the course value for money. Grant, thank you for the opportunity to do your course. It has been a wonderful week spent with like-minded people and thank you for your caring guidance to all of us students who were all at different levels.
Leane Wheeler 2013

Grant you are a great teacher. I hope to be in the Advanced Course. Thanks so much.
Maria Palma 2013

What a great time I have had; Grant and classmates!! The course is practical and great fun. I have learned lots of things from Grant and the others. More than Hypnotherapy. Thanks so much.
Takeshi Kato 2013

Grant I found this course fantastic.  Quick, full of information and to the point. You really focus on quality and are obviously knowledgeable and trustworthy. I felt the entire week that I was learning from the best.  Oh and one other thing. It did not go unnoticed that you are just a kind, generous and caring person. You're not all about the money ... it's about people. Thank you.
Peppi Meikle 2012

Grant you're an excellent teacher easy to understand and learn from, especially with your fantastic sense of humour. I will recommend to anyone to attend your seminars. Thanks heaps and god bless you and your family.
Sonny Brady 2012

Grant was not only excellent but brilliant in his presentation and handouts. I did not realise where my 5 days disappeared. I am a totally new person after attending Grant's course.
Ronnie Sethna 2012

Hypnosis New Zealand tutor Grant Boddington: A very full formative information given by Grant assisting his participants in a very real, genuine way. Thank you for being such a down to earth real tutor and guiding us as beacons.
Margaret Kereama 2012

Was one of the most enjoyable weeks ever!  Excellent and intensive. The best prepared course I have ever been to. (I've been to too many to count - I'm a self-improvement junkie!)  I'm very confident (about practicing Hypnotherapy).  Grant made sure to bring me to it. Well done Grant!
Lilliana Kish 2012

Good pace.  Good value for 5 very full days plus promised support! Presentation style: enjoyable and appropriate use of humour.
Nola Wicks 2012

Stirring, practically inspiring and probably deeply life-changing. Brilliant presentation, a wealth of info. Grant's energy and integrity is stirring and pragmatically inspiring. Far more confident than expected. Thought it would take weeks to months before I could work with a real client, but now I know I can.  The course is vibrant, grounded, thorough and really shows you you can do everything that's taught.  No time is wasted. Thank you Grant.
Robert Leamy 2012

A good balance of theory and practice as well as handouts and video. It was a great idea you got us to have a real client. This put a lot of confidence in us.
Athena Cotidis 2012

Very professionally run and extremely good value for money. Incredibly generous supply of handouts and manual; very professionally compiled.  Thank you; your teaching style has allowed me to develop steadily over the week.
Kathryn Lanyon 2012

Thank you Grant for such an amazing week.  I have learned so much about Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis.  I have also learned a great deal about myself!  The challenges that I faced have taught me so many lessons.  I leave today, sad the week is over and looking forward to practicing as a Hypnotherapist!
Rosie Frost 2012

Loved it! It was a privilege being here! I loved the people I met - they all brought me something new.
Gideon Hanekom 2012

Course was very empowering; I felt very safe and supported by Grant and other trainees.  Grant is an excellent trainer with the perfect mix of humour and serious training content. Would love to do the next course and so pleased I was able to attend this one.  It has changed my whole perspective on how I can move forward in my life and as a Hypnotherapist. Thank you Grant.
Sandy Loughran 2012

Hey Grant, thanks for a a thoroughly entertaining and informative week. Your personality really brings Hypnosis alive. I feel I have the skills and with experience am sure I will be a successful Hypnotherapist. You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you.
Julie Allsopp 2012

As a trained Adult Educator myself, I was delighted to attend the Advanced Hypnotherapy Course over the 5 days.  The course was very well structured and paced.  The resources and attention to detail very professional and relevant.  I found Grant's easy style of delivery was refreshing and interesting.  He had a great balance of delivering new information but also allowed input from all students to share with the group.  A very enjoyable and professional course which I didn't want to see end.  Thank you Grant.  I now go forward with confidence; raring to get into it.
Wayne Wilson 2011

Grant combines a rare combination of knowledge, humour, sincerity and experience to deliver a training package of unmatched quality. Having completed many professional development courses, programmes and qualifications, I have never previously experienced the joy of completing a course with absolute clarity of how the skills gained will be implemented into my practice.  Thank you Grant for this enhancing experience.
Justin Brown 2011

I have been to other Hypnotherapy Training Courses over 20 years; Grant's course would be the most enjoyable.  I felt relaxed with Grant so absorbed the information imparted.  I would guide anyone wanting to train as a Hypnotherapist to Grant.
Mary Wilson 2011

I recently attended the 5 day Advanced Diploma Course run by Grant and I truly feel privileged to have had the opportunity. Grant is an expert in the field of hypnotherapy and his passion and enthusiasm is evident in his teaching style. Grant offers plenty of opportunity for open discussion and delivers the course in a relaxed and often humorous manner. The program is well paced with a variety of guest speakers, excellent resources and plenty of one on one practice.  Both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses are a high recommendation for those seriously considering a career in this modality.
Kathryn Hewitt 2011 

It's been the best investment I've ever made just for me! I arrived at the course one person and left it as another - more positive, more confident and much much happier. Thanks heaps!
Phillipa Dudley 2011

Great content, pace and practical skills. I have the tools to succeed and a new found confidence to be my best in this field. Thank you so so much Grant.
Steve Lawson 2011
Fantastic, fast paced, exciting. Great value on so many different levels. This course offers so much more on personal level that will stay with all of us for life!!!
Jack Pecsy 2011

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for Hypnotherapy in such a fun and informative way. I thoroughly enjoyed your simple approach and am confident that with your support and mentorship I too will become a successful Hypnotherapist.
Angie Smith 2011

Grant is a mixture of fun, professionalism and passion; which is what every student wants in their mentor. Grant is wonderfully generous in sharing his knowledge and experiences. Thank you.
Diana Wallace 2011

It was a very powerful learning experience; not just about the Hypnotherapy, but personally as well. A life changing week that I will treasure forever.
Wendy Plank 2011

Excellent course. Grant is so thorough and organised which make practicing so much easier. All legalities have been well explained. The confidence came from heaps of practicing during the course; and learning was fun. I picked this course after checking with previous students and valued having a mentor in Grant.
Dil Shroff 2011

Enjoyed every minute. met interesting people. Made new friends. Am a better me. Grant knows his stuff!
Ronel Barnard 2011

Grant makes learning this fascinating subject absolutely a pleasure. I am excited about new beginnings using this technique in my Counselling Practice.
Sherry Coulson 2011

This course (Five Day Advanced) exceeded my expectations. Your fun and enthusiastic style is so motivating and inspiring. The Age regression stuff is so powerful it really blew me away. I wish I could do it all again.
Gen Hooker-Snell 2010

All 3 of Grant's courses I've found higher than my expectations. They all build on each other very well and Grant presents in a very informative humourous way. I have found Grant's courses better than any other training I've had in New Zealand.
Ian Blaine 2010
[Ian has done lots of Hypnosis training, including all 3 of my courses. He was also recipient of my 2010 Hypnotherapy Award at the NZHF Awards Dinner. Grant]

The structure and presentation is unbeatable. Grant has a true passion and love of what he does and this is reflected in the fantastic quality of his course. Brilliantly structured and delivered with a high degree of excellence.
Peter Jones 2010

Thanks for being an amazing experience Grant.  I have learned all sorts of techniques for Hypnotherapy, and, learned so much from my contact with you and the others on the course, and, from the practice of the advanced therapy techniques over the week.   I have gained many many timely life skills go get myself, and my business rocking.
Clinton Wright 2010

Enjoyed it so much.  Was in a trance and buzz for 5 days! Ia Manuia
Dorothy Nu'u 2010

Clearly spoken explanations and responses to questions. A good mix of both theory and application.
Martin Kellett 2010

Prior to attending the course I did not have any idea what it was going to be like. I developed confidence to practice Hypnotherapy with any stranger. I recomend anyone who has an interest in Hypnotherapy to do Grant Boddington's Homestudy Course and the Diploma in Suggestive Hypnotherapy. (From a grateful student)
Dona Attygalle 2010

Excellent course. Thank you Grant; I could not believe on Monday that we would be conducting Hypnotherapy sessions on real people on Thursday!!  Enjoyable, well run, Excellent teaching. The course delivered all it said it would. Thank you.
Kim Quartermain 2010

After having attended Grant's 5 day practical Hypnotherapy training course, I encourage anyone who wishes to make changes in their life to attend.  The course was presented in a way that enabled us to laugh, share and try. I leave here today having formed friendships forever. Thanks Grant.
Robynne Cottle 2010

Wonderful, amazing. The most learning I've done in a week - about Hypnotherapy and myself. The mind is an amazing thing and Grant is a wonderful teacher.
Marie Petersen 2010

Great Experience! Being really comfortable throughout the whole course. Will definitely recommend to those people who believe in the power of the mind to join Grant's course.
Mamie Kao 2010

Grant I was so impressed with the professional way in which you delivered the lessons. Your wit and patience made the week thoroughly enjoyable and as a result a real sense of comradeship was formed amongst all the students. Not only did I learn how to be a great hypnotherapist, but a more positive person with clear direction and focus with regards to my own future. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift you have given me.
Kathryn Hewitt (2009)

I attended Grant's 5 Day Practical Hypnotherapy Course which was held in March 2009 in Auckland, New Zealand.  Having attended many workshops and retreats over the past 20 years in New Zealand and Internationally I was extremely impressed by his knowledge of the subject that he was teaching. His style was positive, professional, clear and entertaining combined with an easy to read training manual, a generous amount of handouts, access to his own personal CDs and his pleasing manner.  Grant follows up his course with a positive and caring attitude and  goes out of his way to assist you in any way he can. I thoroughly recommend Grantís 5 Day Practical Hypnotherapy Course.
Lynette Ann Jennings HNZDH (2009)

Thanks Grant, diploma arrived today. Cheers and a great huge thank you for all your help and generous spirit throughout the course and I know that you will continue to provide assistance when I require it.
Jan Stein HNZDH (2009)

Hey Grant,I received my certificate in the mail yesterday, looks great :). Thanks very much, and for the opportunity to work with you whenever information was needed. As a lot of people find study boring, I enjoyed studying about Hypnotherapy as it was very interesting and can be used wherever in the world. A very useful lifetime skill it is.Thanks,
Lewis Naylor (2010)

Grant, you have inspired and motivated me to feel confident to practice hypnotherapy. Your style and presentation is both enthusiastic and professional.  I thank you for bringing and encouraging me to this stage.
Debra Parkinson (2010)

An amazing amount of information passed on at a good speed to absorb. Highly recommended.
Ivan Judd (2010)

I attended Grant's course, learning a good level of Hypnotherapy in a short time. It is great to learn from a very jovial and knowledgeable professional! I can certainly recommend it!
Hart Biedrowski (2010)

Hi Grant, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful and inspiring hypnotherapy training programs you are running. I first of all completed your Home Study course to gain the Certificate in Hypnotherapy which I found very informative, in-depth and left me wanting more. I then decided to go on and complete the Diploma with you which involved a 5 day practical course with supervised practice on volunteer clients. It was an intense course but packed full of information, clear and detailed written material and most of all - lots of FUN!
I really enjoyed being on the course and meeting the other students who were as nervous as I was to start with. But you soon put us at ease with your fascinating and often hilarious stories that kept us hanging off your every word. Nothing was too much trouble and you went to great lengths to make sure we all understood everything that we needed to, in order to become proficient hypnotherapists in our own right. I discovered skills and abilities I didn't even know I had, and you were encouraging and positive and motivating all the way.
Subsequently I went on to do more training with another training provider and I have to say that it wasn't anything like the supportive and encouraging environment that I had experienced on your training course. In fact if I hadn't had such an inspiring time with you I might have flagged the whole thing away. I did not enjoy the experience, but rather endured it. However it did allow me to see how fortunate I was to have been one of your students, and I never hesitate in recommending you as the hypnotherapy trainer of choice. No contest! I have now gone on to start up my own practice in Auckland and thanks to you I am aiming high and looking forward to success! Thank you once again Grant, you rock! Kind regards,
Rox Orange HNZCH, HNZDH. (2010)

Grant's intensive 5 day 'Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy' training was one of the most empowering and uplifting courses I have attended. It was extremely well organised, positively interactive and highly professional throughout, with a fantastic mix of serious learning & fun!
This was intensive learning at its best - well supported by Grant's incredible passion for this work, his personal support for each of us, and his belief from the start that we could achieve what we ultimately did achieve!
I left the course feeling confident, empowered, enthused and extremely passionate about Hypnotherapy and its potential! I was just burning to get out there and do it!
I would highly recommend this quality course for anyone who is serious about learning Hypnotherapy - it is a brilliant investment!!
Lynda Hill (2009)

I recently attended Grant's 5 day Practical Hypnotherapy Course which was held in Auckland in June 2009. Thanks Grant for such a fun and informative week. Your teaching style is entertaining whilst remaining totally professional at all times. You have given us all wonderful tools to use in our Hypnotherapy clinics and fantastic support both during and after the course. Thanks also for sharing your CDs and resources.
I have no hesitation in recommending your course to anyone thinking of becoming a Hypnotherapist. My diploma is proudly displayed in my clinic now. It was also fantastic to share the learning with such a great bunch of people. I look forward to maintaining contact as we support and encourage each other on our journeys.
Caterina Findsen HNZDH (2009)
Excellent course. (Five Day Advanced) I would highly recommend it to enhance your Hypnotherapy work and allow you to deal with more complex issues. Thank you Grant. All the other participants were friendly and committed to Hypnotherapy.
Caterina Findsen HNZDH (2010)

Dear Grant, Thank you for my certificate, I got it today. As for your course, it was great. It was both interesting and fun and certainly value for money. I found myself eager to learn more by reading your book and doing the modules I am now convinced  that hypnotherapy is for me and appreciate the fact that you are prepared to mentor me over the next few months as I pursue my journey. Even though we only had contact via phone and email I felt at ease with you and encouraged by you. I felt a sense of achievement on completing the course and very proud of my certificate. I look forward to meeting you one day. Thank you Grant.
Carol Hinksman HNZCH (2007)

For the last 15 years I have been studying several different natural health modalities. Many of these took me years to complete and thousands of dollars in fees. I came across this course after searching the various options for hypnotherapy study.
What I can honestly express is the joy and satisfaction of taking part and completing a course that is beautifully simple and easy to understand, yet overflowing with so much interesting information. The content in this wonderful course provides a strong foundation to build not only a career in hypnotherapy, but to strongly promote personal change.
Having a professional, dedicated mentor only a phone call or email away, gave me the security to fully embrace this learning.
Grantís response was always encouraging, informative and fast! What a great confidence builder.
As for the priceÖit was the least expensive and yet worth as much as any course Iíve spent thousands on.
Thank you Grant for this wonderful course and your continual support, I would recommend this to anyone and look forward to using it complimentary with my other qualifications.
Tania Williams HNZCH (2008)

Dear Grant,
 After undertaking your Clinical Hypnotherapy course I now feel motivated to face the challenge of furthering my knowledge in this modality. I thank you for an extremely well written and user friendly on-line course, the fact that you are available to answer questions promptly and comprehensively in a supportive manner shows that you are dedicated to professionalism in Hypnosis and I sincerely thank you for all your encouragement. I have been involved in the "Health Industry" for some years, I have to say that it is refreshing  to be Instructed and Encouraged by a Tutor who sincerely believes that the practitioners must be  knowledgeable, competent, professional,ethical and above all else moral.
I would recommended your clinical hypnotherapy course to any person who has a genuine interest in assisting not only themselves but any willing person wishing to make positive changes. kind regards.
Adrian Davey HNZCH (2007)

"What an amazing, self indulgent week I have just had.  I have returned to my very busy, multitasking life with renewed excitement and optimism.  I spent a week with Grant and 6 other amazing people in an Auckland Motel Conference Room completely enveloped in Hypnotherapy. I learned it, practised it, got practised on and learned some more, to have  enough confidence to 'do it' for real with a real client by the end of the week.

The whole class being on a high having put their new learned skills into practise under the very skilled and watchful eye of Grant. A week of a well put together package of interactive learning. Grant is a very charismatic, enthusiastic and most of all easy to understand teacher. By the middle of the first day he had us all sharing delightful 'banter like friends' and lots of laughter. The theory really does get to those 'little grey cells' and excite them to remember. Thank you Grant.

As an emotional therapist using affirmations and visualisations, this has given me that extra I had been searching for to deepen that process, enabling the client to help themselves to a more positive, optimistic and active life.  As an energy practitioner and workshop facilitator I am really looking forward to adding the expanding skill of Hypnotherapy to my practise.  To know that Grant will always be there as I progress is a great comfort and confidence boost. Thank you Grant for making me one very excited person. Excellent! The Care and commitment to Hypnotherapy comes through every day in every way. Thank you."

Linda Woodgate (2008 & 2010)

"I have not long completed Grant Boddington's Clinical Hypnotherapy course and would like to say what a well thought out course Grant has produced. Grant's step-by-step building of the hypnotherapy knowledge base, combined with his prompt responses by email and telephone to my calls for help, made the course easy to follow.

As a some-time professional communicator with experience in industrial job training and tutoring of adult students myself, I was able to appreciate Grant's own great expertise in communication, in the way he set out his Clinical Hypnotherapy course to encourage the learning process all the way through to completion. Thank you Grant. signed:

Stan Hood HNZCH" (2007)

Thank you for being such a supportive mentor and trainer throughout the whole course. I have gained valuable knowledge on hypnotherapy and understand a great deal about how the mind works now. The course content is very well written in an easy to understand manner. Simplicity sells and it definitely works! It is definitely great value for money! The speed of your reply is always prompt and your explanation is very clear. The best thing as a mentor is that you do not only want to help your student to understand the topic, you want them to succeed as a person and develop the skill as well. Once again, thank you so much and i would definitely recommend you to those who are interested in hypnotherapy. Your Student,
Priscilla Yap HNZCH (2007)

Hello Grant.  I would like to thank you from the bottom of my "positive" heart for the Clinical Hypnosis course that you have made available.  It's fun, very enlightening and very well put together and presented.
Not only has your course given me the opportunity to begin a career in something that has interested me all my life, but the skills that you have taught me have changed my life entirely.  I am far more positive and motivated in life than I have every been due to your support and exceptional training techniques.
Now that I have passed my course I can look forward to whole new positive and rewarding career and lifestyle ahead - even at 45, it's never too late. Warmest Regards,
Paula Clark HNZCH (2007)

The course content is awesome, covered most if not all what is needed to become confident in hypnotising clients. The meterials are all included in the course manual, which was very convenient for me because I do not always have the access the library or internet. English is not my first language but the language used in the manual is simple and easy to understand. The course is very affordable. The personal support responding time is very quick, professional, straight to the point and very useful. I highly recommended this course for everyone who want to learn more about hypnotherapy. Thank you very much Grant I really enjoy learning this new skill with you.
Tania Lotangchanintra HNZCH (2008)

I wasnít sure if I wanted to be a hypnotherapist but thought a course with help me on my journey of learning how to be the master of my own thoughts. I didnít want to spend a lot of money on a course, in case hypnotherapy wasnít for me and thought that because it was less expensive than the others that it would be really easy and Iíd feel ripped off!  Well I was pleasantly surprised when I started and I actually did have to think! I could have finished the course quite quickly but I took my time, learnt as much as I could and really enjoyed it. I think Grant has his computer surgically attached because he answered any questions I e-mailed him straight away [within minutes!] and actually answers his phone!
I have since practiced on two friends who smoked and both have so far quit [one for two months and one in her early days] and I have another next week. I feel very proud to have helped them and have realised that hypnotherapy is for me! I look forward to helping more people and the practical courses I am planning to do with Grant in the future. While studying I bought a Ďweight-lossí CD from Grant's website and I listen to it before going to sleep about three nights a week and have lost 5 kilos! Without even trying!
Tania Coleman - HNZCH (2008)

Another testimonial from Tania after reading my new book Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals
Hi Grant. Just a quicky to say I am enjoying your book. I feel like I am in your class when I am reading it because you spell everything out and because I am such a know it mean a "want to know it all' I love that! Anyway I'm really enjoying it because it is answering many questions I have been pondering over :)
Cheers, Tania. (2009)

Your Hypnotherapy course was fantastic! I initially started it mostly because of my curiosity concerning hypnosis. What I couldnít have imagined was that it, along with the other research it inspired, would soon have me making future plans for renovating an office and becoming something I never thought Iíd beÖA Hypnotherapist!
The course was very well thought out. It very concisely yet thoroughly explained everything from what hypnosis is and how to induce a trance right up to how to utilize that trance and well beyond even into tips and suggestions for setting up your own practice. The sample scripts you provide are a great platform to springboard off of. They are well thought out and well written. The first time a student uses those scripts and their subject drops right into trance, itís a REAL confidence booster! Further, your course also covered writing your own scripts / suggestions, so the student isnít limited to just utilizing your scripts. They actually get to think for themselves!
Your personal service was second to none. You were always there to guide and answer any questions that I had along the way, as well as offer suggestions or advice. You always took the time to write very well thought out responses even when you may have had a very busy day ahead of you. Speaking to you on the phone also showed that you were truly interested in me developing as a student AND a person. Last but not least, the certificate I was awarded upon passing your course was fantastic. You can rest assured it will have a permanent place always hanging on my wall regardless of how many other certificates I earn to hang beside it.  Itís like a business who frames the first $1 it ever receives. There will be many bills to follow, and each and every one of them will contribute largely to growing that business; but that first bill will ALWAYS be the most important! Your Student and Friend,
Greg Gay HNZCH (2007)

I graduated from the Hypnosis NZ course at the end of 2007 and found it to be a very useful foundation course. I would particularly recommend finding a Hypnotherapy mentor if you can, as this definitely assisted me and was complementary to the training.
Grant was always a pleasure to deal with and he was very helpful giving assistance I required for further understanding regarding Hypnotherapy. I would recommend this course as a great foundation course and am looking forward to building on the skills I have learned.
Thanks Grant for all your help.
Julie Freer HNZCH (2008)

Your course appeared streets ahead of any other course that I perused when I was originally looking for a Hypnotherapy course.  Your course content is very clearly set out and easy to follow, offering a wealth of information for a novice like me to start with, and very reasonably priced. What finally clinched it for me was just the way you came across with your personal warm, friendly and helpful encouragement.  It was also a bonus to find that you were based in New Zealand.  I am still blown away by the speed that you answer your emails, knowing that you have countless others to also reply to.
I will continue to keep you in touch as to my progress at work as I continue to use my new hypnotherapy skills. It is very ensuring for me to know that you're but a phonecall or email away if I need your professional advice or assistance, as I begin practicing as a Hypnotherapist.
Dason Hita HNZCH (2008)

The course content covered a great balance of theoretical and practical material and always with a deeply professional perspective.
Value for money compared to other Hypnotherapy courses is excellent and very affordable. The speed and helpfulness of the personal support provided can not be faulted in any way, and the feedback was extremely insightful and helpful. I gained a lot of confidence from receiving my certificate and hanging it in my room.
Jeannie Healey HNZCH (2008)

Obviously your course is aimed at people who have little or no experience in the field, to that end I found your course was excellent. It's a huge subject and I thought you kept things on target nicely, it was not unnecessarily confusing or long winded. I enjoyed it very much.
Certainly great value for money. Knowing I could get in touch anytime was what made the course viable for me. You certainly are quick to reply to any questions, Thanks for that!
Matt Baumfield - HNZCH (2008)

Well it has been some time since I finished your course and in the meantime many exciting things have been happening.  I know I've said it before but thanks for your course and all your support through the process of fulfilling one of my life's dreams.
Michael Affleck HNZCH (2007)

I've been practicing and studying hypnosis for twenty five years and can confidently recommend Grants course for both content and value. Grant has managed to make a complex subject so very easy to learn. I was very impressed with the support too, Grant even texted me from a speaking engagement just to let me know he had received my course answers. Thank you again.
Iain Anderson HNZCH (2008)

I found the course very good value for money considering other tutors charge so much, when I can now see that it is unnecessary to do so. The course content is clear and on the whole easy to understand. I found a couple of questions a bit unclear as to what was required, which let me down at the end result. In hind sight I should of emailed you for direction on them, totally my fault.
You are incredibly fast at replying!! I have never met another practitioner who is so full of energy and dedicated to their work and clients. I can easily understand why you are successful, as you are doing all the right things, the right way, a wonderful example. I would recommend your course to anyone who is serious about assisting others to a balanced life. I have enjoyed doing the course and the contact with you. I also look forward to a successful career in Hypnotherapy and my other natural health modalities I practise.
Kindest Regards
Nantah Ensom HNZCH (2008)

I found your course on clinical hypnotherapy to be a very valuable source of information, addressing all aspects of beginners hypnotherapy. The quality and quantity of information is presented in a way which is very easy to understand and follow. Examples and explanations provided throughout the course led me to feel confidently educated, as all aspects of the course are relevant and easily comprehended. The level of support you provided me with was more than acceptable, your personal approach left me feeling comfortable to contact you with any queries. Overall i am very pleased with the content and support provided with your hypnotherapy course, and i am great full for my opportunity to participate.
Steffan Dudli HNZCH (2008)

Greetings Grant. A short note to once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for your excellent course, I  have now been practicing from my clinic for almost a year, and loving it !!,  But I have to share this with you, Eight weeks ago  A Right sided stroke landed me in hospital for three weeks, sadly I was unable to attend your Auckland course, but to the amazement of various medical people I was out of bed on day three, dressed and helping where I could on the ward...... The neurologist looked in on me and promptly sent in other medical staff to poke, prod, and break the news to me that I would take many months to recover after rehab, and this Grant is where this account gets to the point. In your Course you covered Self Hypnosis, and Thank You so much.....Self Hypnosis gave me my life back in three weeks, with visualisation, and self hypnosis at the end of a fortnight, I had taught myself to balance and walk unaided, also the speech therapist spent about five mins with me and stated, "far out !, last week you could barely get a word out, let alone do what your doing now !", she had interrupted me helping a fellow patient to relax and visualise himself becoming more and more healthy, feeling more and more confident and competent, get the picture.... Well shortly I noticed a doctor at my bed side looking for me, he had come to discuss the blood clot which had caused the infarction of the right side of my brain, The poor fellow was looking at me rather strangely, and during the course of our discussion, He stated that It was impossible that here was I walking, talking and making sense,  But Sir, said he, We are having here the scans of your brain and it is being showing a significant area of damage, What we are wanting to know how it is that you are recovering so quickly.
Well, I said to this chap, You are telling me that I have a damaged area of my brain, because you have there a scan picture of it, but I believe Doctor that I am recovering quickly, as both you and I know that I have had a stroke, and there WAS some damage, But !, My sub conscious mind has not seen the scans, and I have told it that I am just fine thank you, and so I am.
Just thought you might get a kick out of this, because it is totally true, and not to put a finer point on it Grant, Thanks to you for arming me with natures best defence.
Adrian Davey HNZCH. (2007)

I applied to Grant in early 2007 regarding his correspondence home Hypnotherapy Training course and  while completing  my studies both theory and practical I was very taken with the professionalism that was shown by Grant, and of course the professionalism that was required from his students throughout  the course.
Grant's course is very informative and is broken into stages so you can be sure to easily come to understand the theory, and practical  of Hypnotherapy, and can confidently carry out a session for all requirements to improve a person's state of mind and reclaim what is rightfully theirs to have, CONTROL OF THEIR MINDS.
I now have a successful clinic in Dunedin City where people are finding it very easy to break the habit of smoking, weight control, phobias, confidence in public speaking and so on.  Grant has at all times be very happy to help me along the way with very good and sound advice and with his positive influence regarding Hypnotherapy, he has been a driving force behind my confidence.
I would fully recommend to anyone wanting to learn Hypnotherapy to do it once, do it the right way with a teacher that cares about his students and their progress.  I to this day, will still send Grant an email or give him a call regarding a challenge I might strike in the field of Hypnotherapy, and as always, Grant is always ready to give me the answers I need.
Dale J Wedlock HNZCH - T.C.B Hypnotherapy Clinic (2007)
Success is a state of mind
027 222 2226

I enjoyed studying the hypnotherapy course offered by Grant. The content of the manual was comprehensive while keeping to basic, essential principles and easy to understand, Grant gives his full support, being available by email or telephone which is a rare service in this day and age. He promptly replies to all queries and requests without delay. Over all I was impressed with the positivity of Grant and the course material and I would recommend Grant's hypnotherapy course over any  other course available for it's value for money.
Sharon Bell - HNZCH (2009) I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the content useful and informative, an excellent introduction to Hypnotherapy. I would happily recommend it to friends who may be considering hypnotherapy as a career option.
Juliette Harris HNZCH (2007) Thanks for the speedy feedback and excellent suggestions. I am rapt with the result and look forward to receiving my certificate. I will certainly take up your offer to assist with initial clients and already have someone I would like to discuss with you.  I've enjoyed the course a great deal and learned heaps.
Glenn Richardson HNZCH (2007)  

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