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HNZ Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course Contents

Learn Hypnotherapy with
NZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist:
Grant Boddington
Learn from the best, and Learn it Right!

New Zealand's most
Affordable & Focused Hypnotherapy Training!

Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Home Study Course Suitable for New & Intermediate Hypnotherapists.

The newest, most comprehensive version of this course has even more content & more advanced techniques
HNZ Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course
  • Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Hypnotherapist Defined.  
  • Suggestive Vs Analytical Hypnotherapy
  • States of Awareness (incl. Somnambulism)
  • The Conscious & Subconscious Mind
  • Using & Teaching Self Hypnosis
  • Rapport Building
  • The Interview; Counselling and Questioning Techniques
  • Suggestibility/Suitability Testing of Clients
  • Identifying Client Personality Types
  • Trance Inductions (incl. Rapid) Deepeners & Awakeners
  • Suggestions, Visualisations & Affirmations      
  • Writing Effective Hypnotherapy Scripts
  • Permissive Vs Authoritarian Styles         
  • Sample Hypnotherapy Scripts (Weight, Smoking, Sleep, etc.)
  • Working with Children       
  • Systematic Desensitisation for Fears & Phobias          
  • Sleep Issues & Disorders
  • The Sequences of a Hypnotherapy Session
  • Essential Aids, Tools and Props for the Clinic
  • Using the Information Consent Form
  • Overcoming Potential Problems
  • Safety, Responsibility and Sensibility
  • Contraindicated Techniques Issues, Illnesses, etc.
  • Advertising & Promoting your Hypnotherapy Business
  • Business Structures and Plans          
  • BSH Code of Ethics
  • Requirements Of A Successful Hypnotherapist           
  • The Legalities of Practising Hypnotherapy in New Zealand
  • NEW! Conducting Online Hypnotherapy Sessions
  • ... and much much more!

You'll Learn Professional Skills to Assist with all the Following Issues!

  • Smoking
  • Nailbiting
  • Confidence
  • Self-Esteem
  • Relaxation
  • Fears & Phobias
  • Working with Children
  • Sleep
  • Weight
  • Motivation
  • Focus
  • ... and many many more!

plus all of these
from our
webpage for our students!
  Graphical Aids
States of Awareness
Conscious/Subconscious interactions

Clinic Forms
Client Consent Form
Client Support Form
Simple Business Plan

Hypnotherapy MP3 Recordings
Self Hypnosis Set (3)
Be The Person You Want To Be

Hypnotherapy Ebooks
Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals
7 Phobias

Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course Ma

The Home Study Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy Course features an extensive yet simple manual of over 100 pages.  This downloadable .pdf manual is full of explanations and techniques (based on Grant's huge experience in Hypnotherapy) to help you hypnotise and assist people with many personal issues.

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The Study, Examination & Certification Process Explained

YOU purchase the course
GRANT Emails your course manual to you & gives you access to the bonus free downloads page

YOU Read through the Module 1 of the course training manual

Complete the Module 1 multi-choice online examination
(This initial exam takes only a few minutes to complete)

GRANT Marks your exam and calls you (Usually within 24 hours)

Study Module 2 of the manual & practice the Hypnotherapy techniques
(Friends and family make ideal 1st practice clients)   

YOU Contact Grant for assistance and support at any time while you learn

YOU Complete the Module 2 written examination and send it to Grant
GRANT Marks your exam and calls you (Usually within 24 hours)

On passing the Module 2 examination:
Grant will email you your Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy
You will be a Hypnotherapist!

You could start training as a
Hypnotherapy New Zealand
Certified Hypnotherapist
And soon be applying your new skills with friends, family & paying clients!

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Contact Grant Boddington

Call, chat, or text Grant Boddington 8:00am - 8:00pm - 7 days for more information on the newest, most comprehensive version of this Hypnotherapy training course.

Grant Boddington
Grant Boddington
HNZ Registered
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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