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Frequently Asked Questions Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy Training Course

Answered by Grant Boddington - based on 30 years experience in the NZ Hypnotherapy profession.

Why is this course such a bargain?
That's because in semi-retirement, I have very low expenses and love to share what I've learned for a very reasonable (and some say generous) price. Plus, if you take the time to contact me for a chat before enrolling, you'll probably be offered an extra bonus!

Will I learn enough to begin to practice as a Hypnotherapist?

Absolutely!  And many others are already practising Hypnotherapy - either with this course alone, or by using this course to get them started. 

How do I pay for the course?
The prefered option is by NZ Bank Transfer. We also accept Visa & Mastercard. All prices are in New Zealand Dollars. Overseas students are welcomed.
(See currency converter here to convert NZD to your money.)

How much time do I have to complete a course?

Most people complete the course in just a few weeks of part-time study.  For those who can dedicate themselves to full time study, it's usually just one to two weeks - or around 60 hours. Your enrollment is valid for 12 months from the time it is accepted. 

What support will I receive?
I offer the very best of personal email, telephone, text and video chat support while you are studying.  I (Grant) am there to help and
can pretty much always find the time for a chat about Hypnotherapy! NB: All support is reactive!  Contact me whenever you need assistance.

Once I start practising as a Hypnotherapist, how much can I expect to earn?
Depending on what area you live in, you'll probably begin by charging around $80.00 - $100.00  per session and move up from that as your experience and reputation grow. (Most experienced Hypnotherapists in NZ charge $100.00 - $200.00 per session!)  The number of sessions per week will depend on your advertising, your all-important reputation and of course your competition. If you practice in a remote country area, then you might charge a little less - and in some city areas, you can charge more.

What sort of people is this Home Study Hypnotherapy course suitable for?
Well, the common denominator is that they are very definitely all good people, of all ages - from their early 20s right through to their 80s - and all experience levels. Many with no prior experience in Hypnotherapy - and many others who are already practicing as natural therapists and are ready to bring the efficacy and credibility of Hypnotherapy into their range of techniques. EG: Life coaches, drug & alcohol counsellors, youth workers, psychologists and medical doctors!  Hypnotherapy can be easily learned and practiced by almost any caring and communicative person.

Where and when are my examinations marked, and by whom?
The 1st short examination is done online and the 2nd is a written examination that you submit by email (or standard mail) directly to me (Grant).  As your tutor, I personally assess them all and contact you for discussion - usually within 48 hours!  So generally, the entire process from submission of your 2nd examination, through to receipt of your Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy, takes only a couple of days!

Why is this the best Hypnotherapy training course to start with?
Because this training is comprehensive yet concise - and enough training to easily start you in a Hypnotherapy practice. In fact,over the past year the content has been enhanced to more than match some classroom courses.  Plus, the already attractive pricing has been held to a reasonable and affordable level, which gives you the ability to test the waters of Hypnotherapy with my course, before considering or committing to the huge fees of a classroom course from a different source.

When should I move on to more advanced Hypnotherapy training?

The choice is totally yours, but I suggest you find your feet with the basics of Hypnotherapy first. You will certainly have been taught enough in this course to begin practicing competently as a Hypnotherapist.   And then, when you are comfortable and competent, I suggest you either complete my new course extentions before considering a more expensive classroom training courses.  I can advise you in this respect.

What are the regulations for practicing Hypnotherapy in NZ?
Because Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully safe and effective natural therapy, there are none! (Well, none that are specific to Hypnotherapy anyway.)  Providing you are practicing ethically and safely and in accordance with the BSH Code of Ethics - and you are meeting all local and national requirements for your premises and general business practices (such as OSH, IRD, HDC, etc.) then you can legally practice as a Hypnotherapist in NZ with any level of training!

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Also, please read this Hypnotherapy New Zealand Tips & Warnings page for more of my common-sense advice.

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